Monday, October 1, 2012

Kitchen Garden - Introduction

Creating a kitchen garden of your own can be surprisingly simple if you can invest a lot of patience and perseverence. Developing your own kitchen garden helps you cultivating pesticide free fruits and vegetables, which can also play an important role in maintaining your  health in these modern world where market is saturated with  lot of unethical economy oriented stuffs that leaves least concern to the health of the consumer.
Important things to consider for your kitchen garden are:-
Recycle and Reuse
To develope own kitchen garden you have the liberty to opt for use of plastic bottles, plastic bags, buckets, bathtubs etc.. to grow your vegetables. Take a container of your choice, fill it with soil, home compost and grow the vegetable  you are likely to have in your kitchen garden.
Make your own soil
This can be considered as most important step in building your kitchen garden. You need to make nutrient rich soil that are abundant with diverse microbial life to support healthy life of your kitchen garden vegetables and fruits. The process of making your own soil is simple and the result will be extremely effective. You dont need to go for getting earthworms or any other stuffs. Just start off with your own resources. simply convert your kitchen waste into resources. Only thing you may need minimum two cans or earthen pot.You can start collecting your kitchen waste in a can or earthen pot, just fill in with your daily kitchen waste.Once it is filled completely, leave it aside undisturbed for a month or more and start filling the next one. keep springling some red earth in the pot time to time to keep the microbial flora available to convert your kitchen waste to a nutrient rich soil.
Start Simple
It is easy to source the seeds. You can get it form nearby local markets or from shops. Start by growing basic vegetables like basil(tulsi), mint(puthina), chillies, varieties of spinachs etc.. these are simple to grow and they dont require too much of sunlight as well. Once you are experienced with your simple plants in the kitchen garden consider growing cabbages, cauliflower, raddish, tomatoes, ladies finger etc...
Hope the above article on kitchen garden help you getting basics on developing a kitchen garden at your home or villa.
My best wishes for all those really wanna have their own kitchen garden.

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